Sponsors of NoSQL matters

We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available. If you would like to support NoSQL matters Cologne as a sponsor, please get in touch with Katja Keil by email: k.keil@nosql-matters.org.

Gold Sponsors

MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop, making Big Data management and analysis a reality for more business users. The award-winning MapR Platform brings unprecedented dependability, speed, and ease-of-use to Hadoop. Providing unparalleled data protection and business continuity, MapR enables customers to harness the power of Big Data analytics.

Basho is the distributed systems company behind the open source Riak database. Riak is a scalable, highly available, ops-friendly key value store in use at Rovio, the UK and Danish national health services, Best Buy and other organisations where scalability and data availability are crucial.

Silver Sponsors

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