Nathan Marz

Nathan Marz is currently working on a new startup. Previously, he was the lead engineer at BackType before being acquired by Twitter in 2011. At Twitter, he started the streaming compute team which provides and develops shared infrastructure to support many critical realtime applications throughout the company. Nathan is the creator of many open source projects which are relied upon by over 50 companies around the world, including Cascalog and Storm. Nathan is also working on a book for Manning publications entitled “Big Data: principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems” due out for publication later this year.

Nathan Marz will speak about: A call for sanity in NoSQL

Anton Whalley

Anton Whalley is V.P. of Engineering at NearForm and currently focused on the companies node.js consultancy engagements. He is an accomplished solution architect with 14 years industry experience in both the UK and Ireland. He began his development career building databases and mapping tools for archaeological consultancies and has provided professional software services to private and public organisations such as the Irish Government, Vodafone, O2, Deloitte, Fujitsu and Citi Bank.

Anton Whalley will present the talk: node.js and LevelDB in production

Christian Kvalheim

Christian is original creator of the Node.js Driver for MongoDB. He currently maintains the Node.js Driver as a Developer Evangelist for MongoDB at 10gen.

The talk of Christian Kvalheim will be: A Journey through the MongoDB Internals

Clinton Gormley

Clinton is a South African doctor turned programmer who now lives in Barcelona and works for Elasticsearch.com. He was the first user of Elasticsearch and is the author of ElasticSearch.pm, the official Perl API and other Perl modules for Elasticsearch.

The talk of Clinton Gormley will be: Getting down and dirty with Elasticsearch

Daniel Villatoro

Daniel Villatoro obtained his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the IIIA-CSIC in Barcelona. His thesis was awarded with the Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award by the IFAAMAS. Currently Daniel works as a Researcher in Citizen Sensor Networks and Smartcities at Barcelona Digital, and as and associate professor at the University of Barcelona. His research focuses on urban data mining, applying different algorithmic methods to data to understand better citizens behaviour. Daniel also works in providing urban services like Cicerone (@BCNPlaces4), recently presented at #NoSQL13.

Daniel Villatoro will speak about: Cicerone: A Real-Time social venue recommender

David Mytton

David Mytton is the founder of server monitoring tool, Server Density, where he has been using MongoDB in production for almost 4 years. He has been programming in PHP and Python for over 10 years, regularly speaks about MongoDB (including starting the London MongoDB User Group), co-founded the Open Rights Group and can often be found cycling in London or drinking tea in Japan.

The talk of David Mytton will be: NoSQL Infrastructure

Doug Turnbull

Doug Turnbull's History degree provides daily context to his passion for computing. Doug loves learning about data structures. Doug enjoys diving into the technical reasons for decisions of the past to inform his work on customer NoSQL and Search solutions. Doug enjoys hacking on Python, C++, Java and is an enthusiastic participant on Stackoverflow. Doug blogs regularly about search and big data at https://o19s.com/blog.

The talk of Doug Turnbull will be: Database History from Codd to Brewer and Beyond

Gianmarco De Francisci Morales

Gianmarco De Francisci Morales is a researcher at Yahoo! Research Barcelona. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies of Lucca in 2012. His research focuses on large scale data mining and big data, with a particular emphasis on web mining and Data Intensive Scalable Computing systems. He is an active member of the open source community of the Apache Software Foundation working on the Hadoop ecosystem (Giraph, S4), and a committer for the Apache Pig project. He is a co-organizer of the First workshop on Social News on the Web (SNOW) co-located with the WWW’13 conference.

The talk of Gianmarco De Francisci Morales will be: SAMOA: A Platform for Mining Big Data Streams

Iván de Prado

Iván de Prado is CEO of Datasalt, a company offering Big Data consulting and which is building innovative open-source products around the Hadoop eco-system such as Pangool or Splout SQL. Iván has worked on several start-ups such as Strands and Enormo in a wide variety of roles, posing several challenges and therefore gaining broad experience in the Big Data space. He has co-authored a paper on extending MapReduce which was published at the ICDM2012.

Iván de Prado will present the talk: Splout SQL: Web-latency SQL View for Hadoop

Javier Ramirez

Javier Ramirez is a web developer, daydreamer and all around happy person. He is one of the founders of teowaki.

Javier Ramirez will present the talk: API Analytics with Redis and Bigquery

Jeroen Reijn

Jeroen is Lead Architect at Hippo's professional services department in the Netherlands. He has a strong focus on scalability and high performance multi-channel content delivery. Jeroen is an active community member and committer at several open source projects hosted at the Apache Software Foundation.

Jeroen Reijn will speak about: Realtime visitor analysis with Couchbase and Elasticsearch

Joel Jacobsen

Joel is a Technical Evangelist at Basho Technologies, where he helps build the Riak community across Europe. Prior to joining Basho, Joel worked closely with Neo Technologies as part of his role at the consultancy OpenCredo.

The talk of Joel Jacobsen will be: Killing pigs and saving Danish bacon with Riak

Lucas Dohmen

I’m a member of the core team of the NoSQL database project ArangoDB where I work on the graph functionality, tools for the Ruby community to use the database and Foxx. Furthermore I contribute to various open source projects like hacken.in (an event calender for nerds in my hometown written in Rails) and projects related to ArangoDB. You can find me listening or speaking at our local usergroups for Ruby, JavaScript, NoSQL and (as a coach for) Rails Girls or Coder Dojo.

Lucas Dohmen will present the talk: ArangoDB – a different approach to NoSQL

Michael Hausenblas

Michael works at MapR Technologies in the role of Chief Data Engineer, where he helps people to tap the potential of big data. His background is in large-scale data integration research and development, advocacy and standardisation. He has experience with NoSQL databases and the Hadoop ecosystem. Michael speaks at events, blogs about big data, and writes articles and books on the topic. Michael contributes to Apache Drill, a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets.

Michael Hausenblas will speak about: Harnessing the Internet of Things with NoSQL

Michel Müller

Michel Müller will present the talk: Building information systems using rapid application development methods

Niklas Bjorkman

Niklas Bjorkman is the VP Technology of Starcounter. He has more than 17 years of experience developing advanced business systems and working with object oriented programming related to persistent storage. Prior to joining Starcounter, Niklas served as CTO of Adtoma, an online advertising and media management company, where he led the development of a next-generation adserve application. He also previously served as CTO of Heads, a real-time retail application vendor, where he developed the company’s supply chain management application.

Niklas Bjorkman will present the talk: Big Memory – Scale-in vs. Scale-out

Pablo Enfedaque and Javier Arias

PabIo is a SW R&D engineer at Telefónica Product Development and Innovation (formerly Telefónica R&D). Javier is a Software Architect and developer, with experience in different sectors; mainly M2M, Telcos and Finance.

The talk of Pablo Enfedaque and Javier Arias will be: Sprayer: low latency, reliable multichannel messaging for Telefonica Digital

Patrick Heneise

Patrick is an Independent Technology Consultant and Information Architect. He achieved a MSc in Media Technology and BSc in Computer Science in Media. He started his first business in 2006 during his studies in the fields of eLearning and web technologies and worked for various companies and universities in eCommerce, telecommunications and research & development.

Patrick Heneise will speak about: Bringing NoSQL to your mobile!

Rubén Casado

Dr. Rubén Casado received the B.Sc. degree in Computer Science in 2005, the M.Sc. in Computing in 2008 and the PhD in Software Systems in 2013 from University of Oviedo, Spain. He has worked as Assistant Professor at University of Oviedo, where he is currently member of the Software Engineering Research Group. He has also collaborated as visiting researcher with Oxford Brook University (Oxford, UK) in the design of distributed data management solutions, and in the LORIA/INRIA team (Nancy, France) for the design of innovative verification and validation approaches in software quality. He has published relevant papers about advanced transactions models and software testing, including the application of his methods to industrial companies. He has been involved in many research projects, including both national and international scope. Currently he is the responsible of Big Data research program at Treelogic company. His research interests include Big Data, Distributed Data Management, Software Testing and Cloud and Services based systems.

Rubén Casado will speak about: Lambdoop, a framework for easy development of Big Data applications

Stefan Armbruster

Stefan works as Field Engineer for Neo Technology, the company sponsoring open-source development of Neo4j. He knows Neo4j for 5 years now and has seen a lot of projects using graph technology. He’s based in Munich, Germany. Aside from coding in the java ecosystem, he is a passionate Linux veteran since the kernel 1.0.x days and when not coding, he cycles and is a volunteer firefighter at the local fire department, acting as team lead and instructor. He’s all geek and loves technology, good food and wine.

Stefan Armbruster will present the talk: Introduction to Graph Databases

Steffen Krause

Steffen Krause is a Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services. After working for many years in the implementation of complex information management, BI and database solutions for customers of all sizes, he now works on highly scalable, cost effective IT solutions in the cloud. Steffen is a regular speaker at international conferences on databases and cloud services.

Steffen Krause will present the talk: DynamoDB – on-demand NoSQL scaling as a service

Uwe Friedrichsen

Uwe Friedrichsen travels the IT world for many years. As CTO of codecentric he can live out his curiosity about new ideas and concepts as well as his joy at thinking differently. His current focus areas are distributed, highly scalable systems and agile architecture. Often, you can find him on conferences sharing his ideas, or as author of articles, blog posts, tweets and more.

Uwe Friedrichsen will speak about: How to survive in a BASE world